How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Potted Plants

Mulch: Effective Deterrent to Squirrel Garden Chaos

Squirrels can be quite mischievous and cause chaos in your garden by digging up potted plants. Here are a few effective ways to keep squirrels out of your potted plants. First, consider using mulch to cover the soil in your planters. Squirrels don’t like the texture of mulch and find it difficult to dig through. This acts as a deterrent and helps protect the plants’ roots.

Repellent sprays: Keeping squirrels at bay

Another method to keep squirrels away from potted plants is by using repellents. There are several commercially available repellent sprays designed to keep squirrels at bay. These sprays usually have a strong odor that deters squirrels from approaching the plants. Additionally, many repellents contain natural ingredients, making them safe for plants, humans, and other animals.

Wire mesh protects potted plants from squirrels

Physical barriers can also be quite effective in keeping squirrels out of potted plants. Consider installing a wire mesh or chicken wire around the base of your pots. This creates a barrier that squirrels cannot pass through, preventing them from digging in the soil. Ensure the barrier is tall enough to cover the entire pot and secure it tightly to the ground to avoid any gaps.

Squirrel diversion: offer alternative food source

Lastly, consider offering the squirrels an alternative source of food and entertainment. Place a bird feeder or squirrel-specific feeder away from your potted plants. By providing them with an enticing food source, you may redirect the squirrels’ attention away from your garden. This can help reduce their interest in your potted plants, as they will be occupied elsewhere.

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