What Do Potato Plants Look Like When Ready To Harvest

Potato Plant Harvest: Visual Cues Revealed

When potato plants are ready to be harvested, there are several visual cues that indicate their readiness. Firstly, the foliage of the plant begins to turn yellow and wither. As the plant matures, the leaves start to die back and lose their vibrant green color. This is a natural process that occurs when the plant starts diverting its energy towards the growth of tubers beneath the soil.

Drying Vines Make Potatoes Delicate

Secondly, the vines above the ground start to dry out and become brittle. As the potato plant reaches maturity, the vines gradually lose their moisture and vitality. At this stage, they become more easily separated from the tubers below the soil surface. Be gentle when handling the vines to avoid accidentally separating them from the potatoes.

Potato skin changes protect during harvest

Thirdly, the skin of the potatoes themselves undergoes changes as they approach harvest time. Towards the end of the growing season, the outer skin of the tubers becomes thicker and tougher. This characteristic offers better protection during storage and handling. Additionally, the skin color may change from the original light tan or yellow to a more mature, deep brownish hue. However, the exact color variation depends on the potato variety being grown.

Size of potato plants key for harvest

Lastly, the size of the potato plants is an important indicator of their readiness for harvest. Mature potato plants typically reach a height of 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 centimeters) and have a well-developed root system. The size and volume of the foliage give valuable insights into the health and overall growth of the plant. However, it should be noted that the size of the plant is not the sole indicator of harvest readiness, as the previously mentioned cues, such as foliage color and tuber development, carry equal importance.

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