What Plants Keep Bugs Away

Plants that naturally repel bugs

There are several types of plants that naturally repel bugs, making them great additions to gardens and outdoor spaces. The first one is the citronella plant. With its strong lemony aroma, citronella is known for repelling mosquitoes. Many people even use citronella oil in candles and bug sprays to keep these annoying insects at bay.

Lavender: Natural Bug Repellent with Beauty

Another plant that is effective in keeping bugs away is lavender. Lavender has a sweet fragrance that humans love, but bugs, particularly mosquitoes, hate. The essential oils found in lavender plants act as a natural bug repellent. Additionally, lavender’s beautiful purple flowers can add a touch of beauty to any garden.

Rosemary: Versatile Herb Repels Insects

Rosemary is another herb that is beneficial for keeping bugs away. This versatile herb not only adds flavor to your favorite dishes, but it also repels mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky insects. The strong scent of rosemary is known to mask the smell of humans, making it harder for insects to locate you.

Marigolds: Natures Insect Repellent

Lastly, marigolds are flowers that are widely used to repel insects. These vibrant orange or yellow flowers contain a compound called pyrethrum, which is commonly used in insecticides. Marigolds not only add color to your garden, but they also help repel mosquitoes, aphids, and other pests that may damage your plants.

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